List Day

  • Passed another kitty stand off
  • I counted seven cars at the bar
  • It was patchy fog while thinking about raining
  • Couldn't figure out why a jerk was tailgating a pickup when there was a whole road open
  • The jerk was a cop trying to make the pickup nervous
  • I need to complete four more squares for this set of 20 to be done
  • 20 more squares to go so I can meet my goal, think I can have it done by Sunday night?
  • Which makes me wonder if I could have completed a sweater in the same amount of time
  • Perky decided to make the same afghan as me only using size 10 needles and red heart yarn
  • Then she wondered why her square was so much larger than mine
  • Convert had a baby boy - Galvin - 6.4 pounds, 19 inches long
  • The fog is getting thicker, can't see the building across the parking lot
  • I'd better get up and move around, my head is about ready to hit the desk
  • Suppose I could go get some water, I'm out
  • Amusing misheard statement: that rat-bastard was really that right ticket
  • The fog is faded a bit, I can see the building across the parking lot now
  • 28 minutes until I run out the door to go knit; I think I can hold out that long
  • Had an officer follow me for about a mile on the way home
  • He didn't stop me, so no photo opt with a sock for him
  • Today turned out pretty nice considering how dark it started
  • I suppose I should go knit, I've got a goal to meet


Roxie said...

So Convert has been Galvinized?

Amy Lane said...

*snicker* laughing at what Roxie said...

Dude, I would have paid MONEY for extra prints of your traffic cop with a sock.