List Day!

  • Counted nice nine cars at the bar
  • Mr Fox decided he could live the with ridicule of his friends by not joining the club
  • For those not in the know, joining the club is code for running across the road while traffic is coming
  • The past week at work has been very, very crappy
  • Oh wait, I'm been PMSing very, very badly, it might be my own prejudices speaking
  • PL is having the same issue
  • Saturday we're having a baby shower for Convert
  • Maybe that's why I'm in such a foul mood - still a bad one - but not as bad
  • My computer was no longer a brick; but a functional system I need to set up again
  • The new computer is a bit faster, so I should be happy
  • Yea, yea. New rope; silk rope - it still means the same thing
  • I'm fully functional again; guess I should get back to work
  • Oh, some of the tools are still slow
  • Did I mention, I no longer have to share my desk?
  • I need to remember to bring in the foam tape for my other ID reader
  • Me: Oh crap! I should have seen that, yes I am a dumbass, nice to meet you. Troll: We've met
  • There were two cars on the drive home


Roxie said...

Nice to know that foxes still deserve their reputation for cunning. Hope the PMS goes away soon. There's a lot to be said for getting through menopause.

Amy Lane said...

Go fox, go! Okay... I want to meet the Troll. Just to see if he deserves his reputation.