List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • We might be working rich
  • There is a solar eclipse on Sunday - click on your state for more details
  • Perky is still evil, however, today is pool day then karate
  • The heroin, herring heron flew by the window
  • I ripped out the wash cloth I had been working on and started again. I had too many stitches
  • Deep fried pickles, Oreos, Snickers, and/or even Twinkies, but butter-on-a-stick is a bit much
  • A new Peanut Butter Banana ice cream flavor for Grilltech to keep an eye out for
  • Enough of the food porn
  • Is this why I'm a dumbass?
  • Found a dollar on the floor
  • Now I've got a headache
  • Pool was fun
  • And for dinner I get to grill hotdogs, while Grilltech mows the lawn


Galad said...

I watched them make butter on a stick last summer at the fair. It looked like a cinnamon roll with melted butter in the middle. Probably terrible for you but didn't look as disgusting as I thought it might.

Amy Lane said...

Wow... butter on a stick... just the idea makes me both hungry AND queasy!