FO Monday

Down the street on Sunday:

Finished my latest project. Any guesses?

How about now? It's a Baby Surprise Jacket (Rav)

I'm trying to decide which buttons look the best. The top (purple) would give a splash of color and bring out the other colors. The middle (pearl) would give it a classy look, and the bottom (black) would be safe. It's suppose to be for a girl, so I do have some choices.

Remember Grilltech's Sweater? While he liked it well enough, it wasn't long enough. So it's been sitting in my to do pile for three or four months. I'm now taking it apart to add another three or four inches (maybe double if I find other skein).

I've certainly grown as a knitter, five years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything like that.


Galad said...

I vote for the pearl buttons cause they really are classy.

Donna Lee said...

I second the vote for the pearls.

I had to take out parts of a sweater a few times to make them longer. it does make you feel rather accomplished, doesn't it?

Roxie said...

I usually go with purple, regardless of the question. But the pearl buttons really are elegant.

You intrepid girl! Way to go with extending the sweater! You are becoming quite the master knitter!

Megan said...

Your Baby Surprise Jacket looks fantastic! I have always wanted to try that pattern, but haven't been brave enough yet.