List Day - Double Shot!

  • Happy Friday Eve!!

  • The economy must be getting better, there were five cars at the bar this morning

  • Picked up an I-phone for Komadant; Perky is soooo jealous

  • She can't get hers until January

  • I have 838 songs - over 4 gigs of music on the phone

  • They have knitting applications as well, but the Apple servers are overwhelmed

  • Amy sent me some really, really nice yarns

  • We won't talk about how she tried to kill Grilltech; Grilltech + Alpaca = breathing problems

  • It just means he won't be petting the baby alpaca or trying to boost what I make with it

  • Yesterday was the annual doctor's appointment

  • Next week I start a new mood altering drug

  • Hopefully the PMS will be a lot less in the future

  • The new neighbor keeps looking at me funny because I'm laughing at my internet friends

  • Ick, it's only 0600

  • Half an inch to go before starting the hand on the glove

  • I guess stating the half an inch before the cuff is completed would have worked better

  • Do you think they'd notice if I napped for an hour?

  • Strange mix of music its going from AC/DC to Enya to Alan Parsons to Michael Flatley to Disturbed

  • On the plus side, I only have to turn my head to the right and I can look out the window

  • Errr Dorkfish (me), it's red because 5 is greater than 2 (5>2)

  • They're telling me a couple of the computers went down yesterday because we're power hogs

  • Freaky Dr Who dreams last night

  • Maybe I should move the phone, it's not a mouse

  • Me + long wait times = lots of knitting

  • Grilltech is the bestest husband EVAH

  • Downside to the new spot? Right where high muckity-mucks like to hang out

  • The upside to karma? I can be PMS bitchy to people and assume they deserve it

  • It’s not good to eat chocolate zingers when one is trying to lose weight

  • Okay, I'm not really bitchy to people - well, in my mind I am

  • Maybe I am bitchy and don't really realize it

  • The Gnome startled me

  • Hey, it's 0910!

  • Stupid, stupid merger. I'm having to change computer domains

  • Ahh the crazy is starting again

  • Seventy more minutes and my work day is over

  • I need to go wash my cup

  • The mouse on the right side is very squirrely

  • Only ten rolls of TP in the stall

  • Why does it bother me? Because it's wasteful! They're not the 1/4th rolls but almost full rolls

  • Came home did dishes and vacuumed

  • Told OT I'd make him cookies next Saturday

  • Not sure where Havac made off to; on the plus side thank God for baby gates

  • Sabrina's not happy about either

  • All the puppy toys were picked up about five seconds ago for the cleaning; now he's in the process of scattering them again

  • Grilltech is out mowing, but he'd rather be in playing on the computer

  • Started the gusset on the glove, I'm that much closer to be done!

  • Can't promise good posts from now on, but I'm working on it.

  • Have a good Friday!!


Galad said...

That was a long list today! I wonder if more cars at the bar could be because people are escaping the economy.

Amy Lane said...

Wow! Good long list-- My personal favorite was the bit about 'upside to karma'. I certainly hope so!