Friday Catch Up

On today's drive in I saw the crescent moon hanging low in the eastern sky. We also passed a fox who was hurrying towards his own destination. Even being fifteen minutes late this morning, I managed to keep it only five miles per hour above the speed limit. The girl who sits next to me called in sick today, so in addition to my duties I'll be picking up some of hers.

The breakfast burrito turned out really good. Way better than the fast food we usually pick up on Friday's. The main reason why we eat out is because we're too lazy to cook. But then, isn't that the main reason why everyone eats out?

I haven't been working on Grilltech's vest, only small things. Socks and mittens so far. I've got a HUGE skein (skane) of cotton constantly reminding me I've promised MIL two shopping bags. While she's not asking about them and will be happy when she gets them its bothering me. I'm thinking I should cast on to get it off my mental list.

Father's day is this weekend, so far Dad has a skane of yarn. It will most likely be next month before he gets his present. A pair of socks - what else would I give? Oh yea, I could purchase something.

Oh great, something else to worry about. Maybe I should put an alert on my calendar for a billion years. Do you think M$ calendar's go that far?

Amy and I did an exchange. I picked up a copy of cheap copy of yummy, yummy hot guys (well Perky picked it up and I paid her back) for her and she sent me blue/purple yarns. A win-win anyway it's looked at.

A lovely skane of bluish sock yarn.

Some yummy, yummy angora.

Some killer alpaca! Look at the fangs!

I've completed the gusset on the second glove, so it's a bit further along then pictured.

Now this is interesting Glow in the dark yarn. I wonder how it looks knitted up. Amazing! In action

I've really have to remember, not to wear the pink shirt with the blue bra. Its thin enough the tattoo is visible, I don't know why I thought the bra wouldn't be that bad. But to me it is. Grilltech doesn't have a problem with it.

I don't mind helping out but when the other person spends an hour shooting the breeze, instead of working. I'm done. I work and talk at the same time. Work and knit between hour glasses, I can see how it appears I'm not working. But she wasn't working at all. Yes, I'm being unreasonable.


Amy Lane said...

So glad you liked the yarn! (The al paca was my favorite--it looks even better with fangs!) And I can't wait for my yummy yummy hot guys--I've missed them both!

Galad said...

I'm still kid enough to be impressed by glow in the dark yarn!

emicat said...

Those are some lovelies (even the "scary" one w/ fangs heheh). Hmm, well if you can have lavender-scented yarn, why not glow in the dark yarn? That'd be great for a Halloween project, wouldn't it?

Gloves are coming along nicely! :)