List Day!

  • My left shoe squeaks when I walk, even on carpet

  • It makes it very difficult to sneak up and assassinate people

  • Its summer, I shouldn't be here shivering

  • Its also 0648, I should be wide awake

  • This isn't the DOD; I shouldn't need to log in 10 times to the same frakkin' database just to use it

  • I have an hour before I'll be taking a company sponsored road trip!

  • Memo to self: don't EVER leave ID card unattended again

  • I'm about ready to start the heel on the second maze sock

  • That's it! I'm getting new shoes tonight

  • Do you think they'd notice if I crawled under the desk and napped for a while?

  • Finished the maze pattern while waiting; started the heel

  • Watched a chatty one knit, very interesting. I wasn't sure what she was trying to accomplish, but it looked like lace

  • I showed her how to k2tog and YO to achieve the same purpose

  • Not sure if it will stick

  • 45 more minutes of the day left

  • I need to go wash my soup bowl

  • While heating up my lunch I saw a cherry pie in the vending machine

  • Now I'm full, I know I'm full; but I keep thinking I need it

  • I want it; but don't need it

  • Yea, guess who was a dumbass and left her ID card unattended again?

  • Sure, I only went to the break room and had locked my computer but still

  • We decided to make chili for dinner tomorrow

  • Tonight we're having BLT's

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

I've had days like that. I keep leaving my door unlocked when I go to the bathroom, because in previous years, I never had any problems. But now that I've got two sets of dvds, one missing disc two, I think I may have to change my mind about that. (And sometimes the Milky Way dark in the vending machine will NOT shut up. Bastard. He taunts me--especially in March.)