List Day - Double Shot!

  • It's amazing how nice work is when you're high as a kite

  • The OT came over last night, Havoc was a bit intimated by him

  • I can barely keep my eyes open, I keep trying to float away

  • Gum seems to be helping

  • First data base crash of the day

  • My strong overwhelming desire to curl up and sleep is fading

  • Pain is starting to creep back

  • It's not a good day anymore

  • Oh wait, that's withdrawal from the drugs talking

  • I left about three hours before the end of my shift

  • I now have a cat helping me write a post

  • Down side of the pain meds? I feel asleep while knitting

  • I did get the second bag finished

  • It's 85 in the house, I'm turning on the AC

  • The cats will be happy


Roxie said...

Ah, the journal of the crest and trough of pain killers. I think sleep is the preffered option here. Sleep while you can.

Amy Lane said...

You're fun when you're high... I bet you'd play a hell of a game of trivial pursuit!

Galad said...

Hope your ankle heals soon! I'm impressed that you can knit and post while on pain meds - sleep sounds like the best option to me.

Donna Lee said...

I never have a choice when it comes to pain meds. It's like being hit with a brick up side the head. I just sleep and sleep and sleep....I once fell asleep with knitting in my hands.