List Day!

  • We passed eight officers this morning, plus there was something happening on the freeway

  • The bar's name is Club Sassy's and 3 cars were there this morning

  • Friends who routinely drive by bars have started counting the cars in that lot

  • I find it quite funny

  • I have about 20 more posts until the BIG 600

  • Somehow I've managed to lose my badge between the house and work

  • The funniest thing about the whole situation? This morning on the drive in AM Coast to Coast the guest was talking about... luck

  • I went home and looked but I couldn't find my badge

  • There is only one room I didn't look in and that was the kitchen

  • I sent Perky a page asking her to look for it when she gets up

  • Okay, dumbass (me) I can't find those type of people in that campaign

  • Nice, an e-mail stating can't wear athletic shoes or flip flops to work and shorts are no longer acceptable

  • This day is getting better and better

  • Did I mention I saw Friday the 13th? The one with Jarad Padalecki. Yea it sucked also

  • I did manage to work on the vest last night, four more rows!

  • Instead of coming back to work, maybe I should have stayed home

  • I get completely and I do mean COMPLETELY different gauge on the 12 inch circulars in the round and 32 inch circulars using magic loop

  • First time, I thought it was a mistake on my part - wrong number of stitches or something equally stupid

  • I mean it wouldn't have been the first time I've done something idiotic when it comes to knitting

  • Turns out it was gauge! I guess the simplest explanations really are the best

  • I really should put on head phones and quit communicating with people

  • Billy Idol makes everything better

  • Reminder: bring dental floss - I used the last of it this morning

  • The only thing that will make this day better, the forced domain switch of my main working computer

  • The switch would put me out of commission for two-three hours AND I'd have to be here clicking on stuff instead of working

  • I guess it wouldn’t be all bad, I could knit through it

  • Okay, the sock is going back into the bag and the striper glove is coming out

  • Well that was phrased poorly

  • Perfect, the next song on the player? Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me

  • Let's see: I want you (I want you to want me), you're hot (I believe in Miracles), you cheating whore (Take a Letter, Maria); am I reading too much into these songs?

  • I have half a day to go and for whatever reason I have decided it's now Friday

  • It's amazing how no one believes you when say hypothetically what would happen if...

  • OMG OMG OMG and it's not yummy, yummy hot guys

  • Shocking I know

  • I'm thinking it's close to being nap time, I know Grilltech would agree with me

  • We're celebrating the death of PET, I used the brownie incentive to make it die direct quote from PL

  • Me: Uhhh what's PET? Her: Exactly!

  • Guess what I found in the car? Yip, my badges

  • Maybe I am lucky

  • Oh wait, the damn bird is still screaming

  • Yea, gauge...

  • I think I'm going to call it a night guys

  • Be safe out there


Amy Lane said...

Okay-- Cheap Trick goes with EVERY mood! And I HATE dress codes... I've done everything in my power to make sure my clothes are all some variation of jeans and T-shirt. I LIKE it that way!

Sandra said...

I'm at work in my shorts and running shoes - usaully I have flip flops, but I thought I'd change it up today. Sorry, am I gloating? (we used to be much more buttoned up, but they seriously relaxed the dress code a while ago...)

Galad said...

You need to warn a person before you spring photos like that on the unsuspecting! Happy Friday!