1000 Words

Grilltech's Dice Bag - he loves it.

Havac resting, because herding cats is a rough job.

Uggy picks the safest place in the living room to rest.

Fran picks the hall, when the gate is down.

Sabrina meeting Havac.

This day isn't getting any better.

No, seriously guys, this isn't funny. I'm an American cat, that gate is too high.

Sabrina guarding her dish.

Our celebration. I won't tell the story of DT lighting multiple fireworks with bugspray.


Amy Lane said...

That looks like an awesome 4th! And okay--can I just say the dice bag is AWESOME! You and me, darlin'... we GOTS to knit those Winchester boys some hats w/sigils of protection on them! And Havac... I'm in love. I'm totally in love w/that waddling cute thing that your cats want to kill!

emicat said...

That's a pretty cool dice bag - I can see why he likes it :)

So how do you cats do with all the snap crackle fizz pops on the 4th?

Galad said...

Awesome dice bag! I can see why Grilltech likes it.

So nice to pictures of all your furry ones :-)

Megan said...

That bag is awesome!