Yip, its a Monday

Education at its finest. Not that I have any interest in knitting a purse. I've got an awesome knitting bag/purse.

I'm having such a hard time staying awake today. There really isn't any valid reason for me to be so tired. We went to bed at a reasonable time. 2000. I fell asleep pretty much right away. I was however, waking up every couple of hours. People talking, husband tossing, and cats all contributed to a poor night's sleep. Do you really think people would notice if I put my head down and snagged 40 winks.

I lost ten bucks while playing Texas Hold'em. Usually I'm a better, but glare helped me loose - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I worked on the voyager hat while playing, because it kept me busy. When I was large blind I wouldn't even bother to look at hand. No point, I was already in.

The stripper gloves are completed. They'll be dropped in the mail today. So they can be sold, along with the voyager hat my parents picked up earlier. I needed about another hour to finish the trim on the gloves.

At 1030 I decided I should check my lottery ticket. Nope, didn't win. Guess it's a good thing I came to work today. Earlier this morning I was freezing, Now I'm sweltering. Ick. It makes the wool sticky to knit with. I should pull out my little fan to cool off, it will make things bearable. Does this mean I'm starting to reach menopause? Heaven help Grilltech.

Grilltech looked for Ladyhawke to put in for me on Sunday, but he couldn't find it. Do you think Sam and Dean would investigate missing movies? Even if I figure they've fallen into the void?

When we walked out of work today, I noticed the car was leaning to the left. Crappy, the driver's side front tire is flat. Without to much swearing, Grilltech was able to put on the spare tire. Only to find out it also was flat. A quick call to the kids, didn't do us any good. They didn't answer their phones. I called the Bride, she had enough time to come bail us out. I talked her into coffee and left Griltech to deal with the tires and drive home.

I'm so happy this day is over. Tuesday will be better right?


Galad said...

Tuesday will be better!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the mention regarding my tutorial. I love the Maze socks.

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- that is a day full of crap! And Sam & Dean would probably only investigate the dvd black hole if the dvds were eating you! Get some sleep, take some vitamin B.