List Day!

  • Oh no! You're knitting lace!! - Grilltech

  • I started the peacock shawl!

  • I'm on row 27 37 of 52 on the first chart

  • There were seven cars at the bar

  • I'll be putting in a life line at the end of the chart

  • I've discovered podcasts, I know, I know. I'm so out of date

  • Knit Science Rules!

  • I've also started another dice bag

  • Yes, I am out of control

  • The company has switched the soap brand, it now reminds me of almonds

  • I don't think I could deal with having seven WIP's on hand

  • Okay, I have two which need to be completed then they'll be off the list

  • I've got blocking wires, so there is no reason for Nicole not to get finished

  • Other than the death threats I receive for even thinking about locking Uggy out of her semi-private chamber

  • I'm rewriting processes. UGH! Is it really any wonder why I'm having such a hard time staying awake?

  • Bummer! I can't have OT? Guess I'm out of here early today and tomorrow

  • Education at its finest

  • Downside for me leaving early? I have to figure out what's for dinner

  • He’s saying pizza, but that’s not shopping from the freezer

  • So, I’m thinking of rummaging through and seeing what I can come up with

  • We had ribs, leftover ribs

  • Roxie, that'd be cheating!

  • Post 586 of 600


Lovs2Knit said...

Wonder if the increasing number of cars is due to the economy taking a turn for the better or if it's because people have said screw it, drinking is better then worrying.

I'm gonna be tackling lace in another week or two...just waiting on the yarn from Knit Picks.

emicat said...

To make my guess on the comment above on the increasing number of cars is because they're thinking screw it, better not to worry about it (at least I find myself having a gin and tonic that way, albeit not at the bar) :)

I went "shopping" in the freezer for dinner today too - indian food w/ naan - not bad eh? It's too stinking hot to be cooking, so putting something in a oven.. what was I thinking???

Roxie said...

Oh, what's a little cheating among friends?

The extra cars? Social Security checks come out mid-month, don't they? The grocery store is always crowded with seniors around the 15th.

Amy Lane said...

What happens at 600? Does the blog turn into a pumpkin? (And I'm around 570... how funny...)

Poor, put-upon Uggy. You abuse that cat, you really do! (*snork* Tried to maintain a straight face there... didn't happen.)

Galad said...

The ribs sounded much better than pizza! Hope they were yummy.

Red said...

Good to see that you've started on the peacock shawl. Everytime I look at my stash I think about the time I had the burning desire to make that shawl, bought the yarn and pattern (twice) but then never got beyond that.