List Day!

  • Grilltech isn't feeling well - kidney stones

  • Five cars at the bar this morning

  • He's also not liking the breakfast burrito filling this week

  • Sunday, I'm going back to the gym

  • Peacock shawl is coming along, I'm on row 73

  • Roxie, I'll answer your question about Dad in another post

  • Grilltech is also making noises about remodeling the bathroom

  • Not sure what all would be involved maybe I should ask him to research it

  • We're getting new windows for the house

  • Didn't think we'd get approved, but they did it

  • Blackberry fruit pie...

  • I'm having a hard time being motivated to work

  • Nicole has been blocked and I've started sewing

  • KnitBuddy is pretty spiffy

  • We're having grilled salmon for dinner tonight... if he's feeling up to it

  • Hope to have more pictures soon

  • There is still time to enter my contest

  • I've started the heel on a new sock

  • I was offered a doughnut today, which I did turn down

  • See the blackberry line

  • Honey, those are some bright coral pink boots

  • I think those boots need some tassels

  • Tacky is tacky, might as well make them scream

  • Tomorrow is picture day

  • I twisted my ankle - falling off the step and bonking my head in the process

  • I'm now icing my ankle and feeling like a dorkfish


Carrie Penny said...

Congrats on passing on the doughnut, sucks about the ankle though!!! I hope that it doesn't get too ouchy!

Roxie said...

Hooray for donut resistance and hooray for blackberry pie! Oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it.

With the ankle bad, is the gym still in the forecast?

Grilltech has my heart-felt sympathy. Drink lots of water.

Bathroom remodel? Scared of that!

emicat said...

It's cherry season here, and I got some bings from a co-worker. In exchange, I used some of them to make an almond cherry bundt cake, which I'll be taking to work w/ me (can't have that whole thing in the house or it'll be gone hehehe). Blackberry pie sounds so good! Summer is the time for berry pies. And grilled salmon? Love that stuff (and hope grilltech's feelin better) Happy Friday!

Galad said...

Hope your ankle and Grilltech's kidney stones are both better soon.

After just redoing the bedroom I'm not sure I'd survive a bathroom remodel. You are brave people!

Amy Lane said...

Hope you guys recover! But I think you're right-pink boots DO need tassels.