Day Over

Today, I didn't bring DPNS, so the hat is on hold. The 16 inch circulars are getting to be way too big to knit comfortably with. So I'm having to work. I believe that's code for reading blogs while waiting for the hour glass to go away.

More bad news, my favorite bracelet was lost while visiting yard sales on Saturday. My only hope is who ever finds it will love it as much as I did. The up side, I'll be able to replace it soon as I make a trip to the bead store. I'm going to get the mega hold magnets, so the next one won't be able to decide it should live with someone else and jump off my wrist.

Grilltech isn't happy about having to purchase new tires for the car RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. We both knew the car needed new tires, but we was hoping to push it off for another month or two. Yesterday's flat did us in. So, thankfully we had a small amount set aside for the trip. I'm grateful we had that much to begin with.

I must have had a touch of food poisoning last night. I was in the bathroom about every ten minutes. I could have easily called in sick today, but I didn't. Today I'm more on the tired side. I tend to say that a lot don’t I?

Remember there is still time to enter the contest.

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Amy Lane said...

Food poisoning could be why you were tired Monday-- I find that happens... I'll be all exhuasted and then it turns out my body was fighting something off.