1000 Words

A finished projected, just not mine. My dad makes these signs.

Another vovayer hat in green (and black not pictured). They'll be sold by Dad.

The finished set of stripper lace gloves. These also will be sold by Dad.

Sabrina! Be my friend!!

The meeting of the dog haters club will now come to order

Hope everyone's weekend went well.


Roxie said...

Where does your dad sell these wildly assorted items? And please tell me, where did thedog come from?

emicat said...

Love the sign - that's great!

My cat would attend the meeting too if the club was near him :)

Galad said...

Love the dog haters club. My cats can relate!

Amy Lane said...

'kay-- the striper gloves are so purty... and I don't know if they actually HATE the dog. They just want to torture her!