List Day - Double Shot!

  • Six cars at the bar this morning

  • Engaged couple conversation: her I didn't tell anybody! him you posted it on facebook!

  • Hell yea, it was that funny

  • Reports wasn't working this morning, so I opened a trouble ticket

  • I then rebooted, they work fine

  • Stitch Marker jumped off the needles and tried to hide under the desk among the cables

  • It was found within seconds then pressed back into service

  • I'm coming up on my 600th post, I may need to do some sort of a contest

  • Today is Friday, plus its a three day weekend!

  • Uggy (the Raptor) was being a pest last night

  • If the shower door is fixed early enough on Friday, Grilltech will get to go see Transformers

  • He's going to start the process today

  • I've started a pair of stripper gloves

  • This time I may even get pictures of them

  • GAH! Database just slammed shut on me

  • Heyyya, only six hours of my day left

  • If I skip lunch, five and a half...

  • The right arm of this chair is half an inch different than the left

  • Maybe I should try adjusting the left side, instead of only the right

  • My right palm is itchy today

  • I never did get my thank you notes in the mail

  • Grilltech and OT spent three hours getting the shower door installed

  • MIL got her bags, she liked them

  • It's 2115 on a Thursday and I'm still up

  • I have a pair of Grilltech's socks I need to darn

  • Culinary combat? Knife fights?

  • Food network is bizarre


Lovs2Knit said...

Your going to have to get that shoe problem fixed....must be able to continue with the assassinating! ;)

emicat said...

Hmm, I think I'm going to have to take your idea of making a condition of getting something done around the house w/ fun stuff he likes (like movies, or whatnot). In my case, it would be him buying a new movie rather than going to the theatre to watch it :)

Galad said...

Hope Grilltech made it to see Transformers. That is a great reward for getting the shower door fixed.

GrillTech said...

I actually opted to not see the movie.. For some reason this years Transformers just aren't calling to me like last years.. I'll wait for the DVD.. GI Joe however is screaming at me.

Amy Lane said...

Hope you got the shower door fixed... I'll settle for a whole new bathroom! The conversation was HILARIOUS... and Mate thinks it's something I would do! (Tell Grilltech that GI Joe is clamoring my name too... but I think it's more suggestively than it probably is to Mr. Tech)

Megan said...

"Engaged couple conversation: her I didn't tell anybody! him you posted it on facebook!"

That is hilarious! I think it happens all the time too. One of my friends posted he was engaged on facebook and waiting to see how long before people noticed.