Yesterday was the first day back to the gym. I swam for 30 minutes - okay walked laps - but today the ankle is very sore. Not good. Called the nurse and left a voice mail, waiting for a call back. Other than still a bad ankle, not much is going on. Thanks for the warm thoughts. Hopefully I’ll be better soon.

Roxie, my dad is one of those souls who was born about 150 years too late. He'd be happy out hunting bear with his musket rifle. Every summer they go Rendezvous. They compete in the shooting, tomahawk throwing, and other events. They have a trader's tent they set up and sell all sorts of things. Jams, jewelry, signs, hats, gloves and anything else they (or I) feel like making. They don't have a web site - chiefly because I'd rather knit than design and maintain a site - selfish I know - but easier on me.

On the plus side, I know how to shoot a gun – came in handy during summer camp shooting events when I was a teen – start fires without matches, and other outdoor types of activities. Which I’ve moved to the big city and don’t use in the least.


Amy Lane said...

My parents tried to do that to me... everything except the gun because they freak me out unless they're fictional. Anyway... didn't take--but I'm really proud of them, and I'm sure you are of yours too! I like that sock... what pattern?

Roxie said...

DH and I used to do black powder re-enactments. Aside from the camping part, I really enjoyed it, and set up a trade blanket with period accurate fiber goods. People who will happily pay three thousand dollars for a rifle are reluctant to pay ten dollars a yard for authentic hand-woven wool. Go figure! It rained most of the last weekend we rendezvoused, and I wound up slightly hypothermic. I would not have been a long-lived pioneer.