I really look forward to spring/summer. I watch as a mated pair of Osprey raise their young. There are days, I get to see fuzzy heads with mom or dad feeding. On others, I don't see anything.

Grilltech and I kept talking how we should bring the camera and get pictures, because any day now our babies will be all grown up. On Friday, we both remember. And wouldn't you know it?

We can't see anyone.

Mom and Dad are flying around, but aren't interested in the least to pose for pictures.

After a while of chit-chat - for us - the kids stand up.

I'm still knitting. I've been doing some reading on the tantric puzzle top, and one of the chief complaints is it's not sturdy enough. Crap! So, the other one is on hold while I work the top in a cotton to see how well it works out for me. If I like it, I'll finish the pink one, other wise it's Frogtown.

Down the street:

Believe it or not, but I didn't have any supervisors while taking pictures. I wonder if I did it right...


Amy Lane said...

The knitting is wonderful-- and what good kids to stand up for you!

Roxie said...

Oh you know these supermodel types - they won't even get out of bed for less that a hundred K.

The knitting rocks. Awesome stitch pattern.

Sandra said...

We're like that with "our" loons on the lake at the cottage. There are two babies this year again, and last weekend they came pretty close to the dock, so I was able to get shots - so cute!

Donna Lee said...

You daredevil you! Taking unsupervised photos like that. What's next?

We have many more raptors in our neighborhood and I love to watch them flying or sitting on the telephone poles. The smaller birds make little bird gangs to scare them away from their nests.

Pooch said...

Meanwhile, back to your gorgeous knitting. Your work is beautiful and the yarn color is yummy!