List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • My headphones wasn't in their normal spot, after I borrowed a pair from Grilltech, I found mine in the bin
  • Oh yea, I'm supposed to be watching requests
  • It's going to be another smoky day. On the plus side, it's cooler
  • It's spelled f-o-r-e-c-a-s-t, not f-o-r-e-c-a-t-s
  • Day two of the nasty headache
  • Ugh! I've got the hiccups
  • I may have to stop waiting Fringe, and watch season four of True Blood
  • The Gnome has the weekend off, it's quiet over here
  • EMT's are on site
  • Grilltech said on-line friends and DVD shows aren't real social interaction
  • I think he's lying
  • Half day of work tomorrow


Roxie said...

Do you think the air pollution might have something to do with the headache?

Why were there EMTs on site?

Hope the half-day goes well. Do you get Labor Day off?

Amy Lane said...

Fore! Cats! Sounds like a helluva golf game!