List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • I don't know what was up with traffic this morning, but going downtown was heavier than usual
  • When the pattern comes out, I so hafta knit me some of these
  • The night is getting a bit longer; Venus and Jupiter are bright jewels in the eastern sky
  • I think I can make out Pleiades slightly above Jupiter, but I'm not sure. They're not as bright yet
  • I've traded a hat (soon to be made) for a draw plate
  • Now I've got to get some wire and I'll be off and running
  • It's Forecast Outlook not Calibration Week, I think it's time to go home
  • Gnome stopped by and suggest I look at Rio Grande for supplies
  • And because it would be kewl... Titanium wire
  • Seriously? You put in the vacation request on Monday and you're already bitching it's not been handled?
  • I'm all over the place today, still have about three spreadsheets open that I haven't finished working on
  • Oops, updated my numbers and now I’m about 50K short. Now I hafta talk to the Gnome to see how he wants it handled
  • Why aren’t I getting July’s numbers on the Reporting Web?
  • I'm needing to let go of some frustration issues I have with a friend of mine
  • Grilltech is starting a load of laundry, man is he sexy right now...

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