It appears fall has come to our corner of the world. It started raining on Saturday, finally quit sometime on Sunday night. After Havoc and I went for a walk in the pouring rain. By the end of our walk, he was trying to run home because we were so wet. Today's walk was windier, but drier.

I've turned the heel on the sock. Only three more repeats to go and it's done.


Roxie said...

There's over 30 inches of new snow at Timberline. Count your lucky stars that all you got was rain. There's more a-commin'!

I love it once the heel is turned. You can see the end of the tunnel.

Donna Lee said...

We've had Fall on and off here. It was almost 75 degrees here and the heat is on at my building at work. It was unbearable. Now, we're waiting for the rain (it's humid) but so far, we got Nadda.

Amy Lane said...

Ooooh... must almost be November!