This morning wasn't the best, thankfully I wasn't overly crabby or annoyed at the overall situation. Someone stole my chair, so I went down and traded for an icky chair, that's actually fairly comfortable. Couldn't get logged into the chat program. I went and changed my password, was able to get in after that. iTunes had an update come down, so I dutifully installed it. Now Outlook doesn't run, unless it's in safe mode. I'm hoping they - those guys in black suits - fix it soon. If I do the uninstall of the Apple Mobile Device fix, then I can't sync. I think that's my whining done and out of the way, but I might be wrong.

Donna Lee posted some pictures of the Whoopie Pies she made. (Okay she posted pictures of from Epicurious.) They good really good. I wonder how a cream cheese filling would work instead of using marshmallow. I'm not a real big marshmallow fan.

Grilltech and friends spent most of the day Sunday cutting down the tree in the front yard. (Go read about it on his blog.) I stayed in the house with SandTech and we played on the Wii*. While the tree was coming down, Grilltech was making ribs and chicken thighs. They turned out pretty tasty.

The server is also up and running, so I'll be able to post pictures. Because some people would like to see what I've been working on.

* Remember need to pick up size AA batteries and bring gum to work


Roxie said...

There's a lot to be said for a chair that looks bad and feels good. For example, no one will want to steal it from you. Maybe you could "repair," it with some colorful duct tape and make it even more your own.

Boys and chainsaws - yeah, I can't bear to watch, either.

Amy Lane said...

Okay... where's that chicken wing picture when you need it!!!

Amy Lane said...

Okay... where's that chicken wing picture when you need it!!!