List Day!

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • I never realized, you'll need to go look yourself actually means yes, please email us to ask the same question I just answered
  • C1 (Computer 1) crashed hardcore and needed a manual shut down, which means, I lost quite a bit a data
  • You know, important things like a blog post (I write it in notepad then e-mail it home) and a SQL query I was in the middle of writing and hadn't saved
  • I was told not spam the support group with negative comments
  • I can see how making the statement calling the help desk is useless can be taken negatively
  • Maybe the guy on the other end shouldn't have said, we only create tickets and assign them
  • No knitting tonight, my arm is still sore
  • OMG!! Not work safe


Mr. Shife said...

Are you enjoying this cold weather? I was hoping the warm weather would last a lot longer. Hope the arm feels better and the weekend is a good one.

Deb said...

I hear what you're saying. In my place of work, writing SQL isn't considered IT work, believe it or not (silly HR people).

I've nicknamed our help desks to Helpless Desk.

I oversee contractors and I'm known as the Chief Trouble Maker, sometimes affectionately, sometimes not.

Oh well, I have to say I usually love my job. It's never boring.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah... work tickets... gratification. Me no likey.

And I CHECKED that link, and ZOMG!