Tuesday, May 30

Its been a while since I last posted, guess I'd better get around to doing updates. I have my up and down days, just like everyone else does. We BBQed one Sunday and Monday. It was just Mike and I on Sunday, country style pork ribs. Had a house full of people on Monday, then we played two games. It was a lot of fun.

Finished the sleeves for Joyce's sweater. Working on the fronts now. Instead of the plain stockenette, I kept one cabling going up the front. It's turning out very nicely, makes me wish I had done the same thing for mine.

I've started the heel on Mike's last biohazard sock. Not sure what I'm going to work on next, most likely Dad's fathers day gift. A pair of plain socks.

I'm glad the day is over. Kept waiting for calls at the beginning of the day, by the end, I was praying for them to stop. Made it to the gusset on Mike's sock.

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