Monday, May 15

It's been a while since I've posted. On Saturday night, we went star gazing. The moon was a lovely peach color and three times its normal size. It was beautiful to watch. Saw one metor, it was right above my head.

Today I'm whiny and not feeling well. Wanted to tell a customer to quit-your-bleeping-whining. I didn't, so that's a good thing. Went and cried at my supervisors desk instead. Sick and not feeling well, trumps all.

Bought our tickets to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Didn't know the tickets when on sale on Friday the 12th. So our tickets was purchaced on Sunday. We most likely have nose bleed seats, but we're going. Jess is so excited. I requested the next day off, so I can sleep in and let my ears recover.

I could very easily curl up and drift off to sleep. The pain meds are a wonderful thing, but I'm not able to think very well while on them. That will be my excuse if I'm QAed.

Dr's appointment tomorrow. Starting to get a bit impatient. Wonder if I'll have stress dreams (still).

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