I'm feeling much better this week. Yesterday was a good day. Heck, I can't really even complain much about Monday - other than the fact it was Monday. In a little less than two week's we're going on vacation. Look out Roxie, Perky and I will be in town soon.

In other news:
  • I have been knitting, but don't have pictures
  • I did go back to bed on Friday
  • The car is up and running again and didn't cost the GPA of a small country!
  • After 14 days of not getting on the Wii, I didn't gain weight
  • The real test will be today, because I do think machines lie


Sandra said...

even the thought of an upcoming vacation makes any day better...

Roxie said...

Woohoo! Looking forward to this a whole bunch!!! You do have the phone #, right?

Amy Lane said...

I am going swimming in the rain tomorrow, just to avoid that fear of getting on the scale after not workng out... I knows it! (Must. Send. Pictures.)