It's Been One of Those Week's

Ended up with the plague cold that's been going around the area. So when I was feeling 100 times better, then all of a sudden, my nose wouldn't quit running. I knew I required medical and the person seeing me agreed.

Training is done. I can do it, just not so sure I've got the paranoia she has. Is it paranoia or self preservation? Maybe its a knife's edge of both.

This morning, I didn't want to get up. Could have turned the alarm off and drifted back off to sleep. (I was dreaming I was hiding from a serial killer in a department store. A very fearful dream, but sure beats getting up.) Instead we got up and did the usual routine of drop him off, while I go pick up Friday's breakfast. Because they make it fresh, I turn the car off - it's quite the wait at times.

Only. The. Car. Won't. Start. GAH!

Call Grilltech then I call Convert. Grilltech calls me. The cook comes and pushes the car out of the middle of their drive thru. Eat breakfast, because I've got nothing better to do. After 15 minutes, I try the car again.

It works! =^.^=

Call Grilltech who promptly tells me take it home!

Can I go back to bed?


Roxie said...

You have my permission to go back to bed!!

Sandra said...

I second Roxie's advice - go back to bed!

Donna Lee said...

Getting up is so hard in the morning. I am so resentful sometimes! I would have gone back to bed, it seems only fair.

Amy Lane said...

Okay-- that sounds sort of like how I didn't end up at the gym on Thursday. Decided to go, got a call from the lawyer, fax x-y, put on my swimsuit, drag Squish to the fax place only to discover I only have x and not y. Go home, realize by the time I get back to the gym, the class will be OVER, shower, go fax my stuff, and think about the gym all day...