List Day!

  • The datamine's database was - dare I say it? - almost running fast

  • What is going on in the world?

  • As I was thinking about the speed of the database and almost said something out loud, then it went back to its normal flaky self

  • The universe is back to normal

  • There were five cars at the bar

  • Didn't pass any officers on the way in today, but yesterday we did pass a fox

  • I'm having an irrational fear of running out of yarn on the IKL Sock

  • If I do, I'm afraid I'll need to stop knitting sock for a while

  • I've got a strong impulse to eat something, I'm full - very full - so there isn't a valid reason for this desire

  • It's time for gum

  • Okay dumbass (me) it doesn't do any good to level set this week

  • I'm about an inch away from starting the heel

  • Franklin might have a valid point

  • Perky take a look! (thanks Red)

  • Trained another person today

  • I'm so mean, I took Grilltech's ID card back to my desk

  • Here in 45 minutes, I'll be getting trained

  • It's been 15 minutes and he hasn't noticed yet

  • Maybe he'll notice when lunch is over

  • Training was cancelled, so I'm doing some CBT's instead

  • It took him 25 minutes to notice

  • I'm ready to gouge my eyes out, this CBT is dull

  • I tripped next to the vending machine and a blackberry pie followed me back to my desk

  • The Gnome told me to stop scaring the Newbies

  • I thought I was the model of restraint when I told her to see PL or LT for some training

  • I didn't tell her to pull her head out of her ass, you've been trained twice in the area you've been screwing up

  • I guess it's all a matter of perspective

  • Today, PL was frustrated by one of Newbie's errors as well

  • M$ 2007 has some interesting abilities

  • Granted I still hate it; but it does have some good points

  • I have a cat on my lap

  • The heel was started at knit group

  • It was raining on the way to work; and it started raining on the way home

  • I should get pictures of the WIPs but I'm too lazy it's raining

  • Happy Friday Eve everyone!

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

I've been eating bananas and whipped cream to help me get past my sweet tooth--so far, it seems to be helping! (Lite whipped cream;-)

Can't wait to see the photos! And it's always nice when someone else confirms the incompetence of newbies...