List Day

  • Counted four snowy cars at the bar this morning
  • Spent the day training a lacky - it appears I'll be having her until next Wednesday
  • I went from three rows to four inches on a sock
  • Drug Grilltech to the bank to look in the safety despot box
  • What we wanted, wasn't there, it was buried on my desk
  • Along with an unopened Christmas card from Amy
  • I'm feeling pretty much like a bad friend
  • Which is odd, because I spent my work hours feeling like a crabby dorkfish
  • Speaking of dorkfish, while the lacky was at lunch, I was trying to get next week's forecast set up
  • Can you see where this is going can't you? I did this week, instead of next week
  • I had to correct this week and get the following week's data done
  • Next week, I have different lacky... you'll never guess who
  • Tomorrow is Procreator's last day
  • I'll be able to catch up on reading everyone this weekend, since I'm busy knitting training at work
  • Because it's all I can do to keep from grabbing the mouse and screaming you're doing it wrong!!
  • Think I can turn the heel tomorrow?
  • Good night everyone and Big Balls!


Donna Lee said...

I am by no means an IT expert but I share an office with someone who can just about turn on the machine and play solitaire. I try to just tell him what to do but sometimes I push his hand off the mouse and tell him to let me do it. I figure it saves lives that way. Both his and mine.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- *I* want a lackey, and I don't even DO anything! (Really? You hadn't opened my Christmas letter yet? well... didja like it?)

Sandra said...

Love Wipeout! Our Canadian edition comes on air this spring - can't wait...

Roxie said...

What's the point of a temporary lacky that you have to train? By the time they're useful, they're gone.

Yes, cling to those knitting needles. If you do it for her, the trainee will never learn. I embroidered a jeans jacket while teaching my mom to weave.

I'm too big a wuss to watch Wipeout. I spend the whole show cringing.