List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Tuesday's sign read: 1 dollar off Tequila and Wednesday there was only one car
  • Uneventful drive in, no animals dashing across the road, people pulled over, only one slow driving Chevy pickup
  • Yip, it's going to be a day, buttoned my sweater wrong
  • Grilltech is crabby
  • And somehow yesterday, I broke the HUGE-ASSED forecast spreadsheet
  • OMG! There was two bright SHINY diamond color spots in the sky....
  • I kept trying to show BBQer, but he wouldn't look in time
  • The clouds are being swept to the south today
  • Usually, when I see This pattern is available for $0.00., they mean free...
  • BBQ'er didn't get his paycheck when he should have
  • The HUGE-ASSED forecast spreadsheet which I was working on last night and had a bunch of zero's where it shouldn't have, fixed itself today... I'm very relieved
  • Seriously? You make me walk across the floor to ask me a question the person right next to you, had already asked me - ON HIS WAY TO SEE YOU.
  • Two hours of my life I'll never get back, and I'm still waiting for the upload to finish
  • The guy I was training, really appreciated being able to watch a green bar try and move while he surfed the net
  • BBQ'er didn't like it when I told him, They must have fixed the glitch
  • My left hand is itching like mad, is that $$?


Roxie said...

If the palm itches, it's money. If it itches between the fingers, it's scabies.

Galad said...

Hoping for your sake it is money and not the other option :-)

Mr. Shife said...

Dang it I need to know the bar Knit Tech. You are keeping me in suspense now and I think you like it. Have a good weekend.

Sandra said...

I'd go with the money option - hope springs eternal!

Amy Lane said...

OKay-- I'm so bad at computers, I don't even know how to break a spreadsheet. (If I keep sending you money spam, maybe it will be money!)