Spent most of the day being someone else's lackey. This time around, I'm way happier because I'm actually doing what I need to be trained on. Instead of knitting and generally wishing to do something else, anything else then listening to a cow-orker drone on and on.

We did our taxes yesterday - we're getting money back. Since the tax deductions moved out, my greatest fear is we'll end up owing about eight or nine hundred. It comes from the same nameless place as I'll run out of yarn. I just won't mention that sometimes, I do run out.

Dinner is almost ready and my overlord is trying to get me to feed her good food. Maybe she'll get lucky.


Roxie said...

Cow-orker? OOoooo!

Yay for the taxes. I gotta do that myself.

Amy Lane said...

Yay for the taxes! And I know those fears... (All my tax deductions, are, alas, still at home...including the big one who eats like there's no tomorrow.)

emicat said...

Yay for tax refunds! I'm getting a little back too and the funny money portion if already spent :P I signed up for a self-striping yarn club, so I'll have something to look forward to during this year, yippee!

Megan said...

Ugh, taxes. I started to do mine today and almost had a heart attack when Turbo Tax told me I owed $4,000. Luckily I took some deep breaths and kept going, and if I did it right, I'll get a (very) small refund.