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Today is the second day in a row, we've woken up to snow. Thankfully, it hasn't (or won't) stay around much, unless it's in the shade all day. The skiers are all excited that the mountain might be opening soon(TM), but me? Not so much. I'm not ready for this winter thing. It's too cold and dark.

Yesterday was Ruby's one year check up. At the house, she's too busy running around being a hyper kitten. At the doctor's office, she was all sorts of Mommy, I don't like it here.

Knitting has been going slow. I've been working on the two socks at a time, which I feel is a complete time suck. So I need to buckle down and finish them. I've got eight inches to go on my tunic and it will be done. But I'm not working on it either. I don't want to start anything new because that would just add to the knitting pile, that I'm not working on. So my mojo will come back and I'll be happy and knitting again. Just need to wait it out.

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Roxie Matthews said...

Eewwww! Snow! hope it brought lots of water for the aquifers.

All kitties know that vets are rude, scary people. Poor baby. Hope everything tested out to spec.

Good cess to your knitting mojo. Magic loop is the only way I ever get a pair of anything to match. It seems so sslow but then, tahdah! They're BOTH done!