A Short One

It has been snowing most of the day here. The small tiny malformed flakes that rarely stick anything but each other. Flakes that are easily blown to pile up into large drifts. Drifts that form anywhere the wind is blocked. Which can cause problems for the connector, which has been closed, because it is nothing but concrete and it's pretty slick because of the drifting snow.

Not much in the way of knitting news. I was going to work on Grilltech's sweater, but PerkyGoth and Gamer (hubby) came over and sat where I was going to work. So I had to play crack instead. Played for about an hour before it was bed time. So who knows, I might be able to knit tonight.


Mr. Shife said...

Did I mention I am sick of the snow yet? I actually broke my shovel today when I was trying to get the driveway back in working order. How many more weeks of winter do we have? Have a good one.

Amy Lane said...

I have tried and tried to knit when I play cards...the results were less than pretty, either way!