Of Course....

Bad, Bad Sock!
I'm working away on the Ripples on the Beach sock, and a nagging little voice keeps whispering, I think those are going to be too small. Being the determined person I am, I kept knitting. Because it can't be that tight. I finish the leg and heel, I'm about 1/2 an inch away from the toe. I have PerkyGoth try on the sock. My little voice was right. Its way to tight. Le Sigh. So I've put it in time out while I figure out how to make it a bit wider.

Pattern is as follows: K2, YO, K3, SSK, K2tog, K3, YO, K2 (you can find the full pattern on knitty)

  • Option A: Add one stitch at the beginning and end of the needle so the K2 becomes a K3. Which makes the knit area's a bit wider.

  • Option B: Add one stitch after the first YO and before the last YO. Which makes the ripple area bigger.

  • Option C: Add both stitches.

  • Option D: Add one whole repeat, instead of an even four, there will be five. Not so crazy about that idea.

I'll take it down to the shop and pull out the skein's guts and weigh it so I'll have two balls of equal size. Instead of trying to wind a ball from the half knit sock.

In the mean time, I've pulled out Dad's buffalo sock. I didn't like how it was turning out on size 1's. So I pulled out the 2's and ripped back. The fabric is now flexible and soft, instead of stiff. These socks should fly off the needles. I knitted through the weekly conference call. I had to do something to keep my sanity. I was leading it, and talked like a used car salesman. (Slick baby, slick.)

Evil Snow!
It's snowing again today. Instead of the powdery flakes, it's the little its-too-cold-to-form-regular flakes. People said, it was blowing over the road when they came in and looked really beautiful drifting about. I got home, it was time to shovel the drive way. I know, I had said, Grilltech was going to have to do it, but he wasn't home yet. I finished, then what happens? Of course, it starts snowing again.


Lovs2Knit said...
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Lovs2Knit said...

I'd probably go with option A.
Normally I have to rip a sock because it's too big. For some reason I think my foots bigger then it really is.

More snow again! We haven't seen snow in over a month.

Lynne said...

Shoveling snow, yecchhh! That's why I live in Florida. It's lovely stuff, on the other side of a plate-glass window from me and my central heating.

As I am deep in the throes of a non-fitting sock myself, I feel your pain. EZ's Rule is to measure how big it needs to be, then multiply that by the actual gauge you're getting in pattern, then subtract 10% for negative ease. I've discovered that 5% works better for me, YMMD. So my 'advice' would be for you to figure out how much bigger it actually needs to be, then worry about how you'll add the extra stitches. I thought I could wing it, guessing (and adding the extra stitches in the 'purl' sections of the ribbing). It didn't work. I wish you better luck!

P.S. I've not been ignoring your comments on my blog. I've enjoyed them no end! Blogger won't let me *reply* to them, though, except in the comments section. It hides your e-mail addy from me, drat it!

Mr. Shife said...

Sorry about the sock. I am so sick of the snow. I have shoveled our driveway at least 10 times this year.