Wednesday, December 26th

I'm here at work, pretending. I should be working, but after six days off, let's face it. I don't want to. I drove all the way to work this morning. Only to realize I left my badge at home. Which only made me 30 minutes late. I forgot my new password to log onto the global network. After six days, wouldn't you forget your newly changed password as well? After another 30 minutes, I was able to remember it. After I had locked my account. I'm so pleased to be at work today. On the plus side, I did remember my lunch, head and how to do my job. So in the long run, it's a good day.

Christmas was nice. It was mostly Grilltech and I. Mr. Sota (the crack dealer) came over and we did Guild Wars most of the day. Grilltech started a Lambic brewing and made Prime Rib, while we played the day away. Grilltech is such a sweetheart or as Mr. Sota kept saying, Grilltech, you're such an adult... Meanwhile, we kept killing things.

I made Mr. Sota a pair of socks for his (belated) birthday. I made sure to point out, the socks were a birthday present. I didn't knit any Christmas presents this year. Mostly won't knit any next year either. It will be all birthday presents.

Anyway, I did get several lovely knitting related presents. MIL sent a swift (ooohh). Rosewood needles size 1, they glow! She also sent the bronze (bronze!!) size 1's. I'm hurrying to finish what I have on the needles so I can knit with them!! (There is more, I'll get to them later.)


Sandra said...

yeah, I'm at work today as well. I'm also trying to look like I'm doing stuff that matters. But I'm not. (Obviously, I'm reading blogs...)

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I'd think that work on the 26th would pretty much bite...I haven't done it since I waitressed (back in the 90's...) I seem to remember a LOT of grumpy people coming in. And they tipped like crap!