Thursday, December 27th

Today, I remembered my badge, but dribbled syrup down the front of my shirt. (Yeah, it ain't a meal unless I'm wearing some of it on my shirt.) The day is going pretty okay. Thankfully it's a short week. I've put in vacation requests for next year already. Most of it will be in the last part of the year. I'll need to put in some early months requests to balance the year out.

You can head over to Grilltech's blog and see a picture of Baby Bird and see what we had for dinner. I've got it rough, I know.

I've started My's second sock. Thankfully it's a quick knit. I'm going to get Grilltech's sweater going this weekend. Less then an inch to go on the sleeves, then it's onto the body. It goes fast, when I work on it.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've finished the (damn) shawl. The camera has finally been charged, so here is a photo of it. It's been steamed to open it up quite a bit, but not blocked. Will block it properly later.


Sandra said...

pretty shawl!
My company is very picky about giving people time off at Christmas - I've been denied two years running, because "what if we need you?"
Hoping to be working elsewhere next year...

Lovs2Knit said...

The shawl came out beautifully. Do you get to keep this one?

Amy Lane said...

That's not a 'damned' shawl--that's a damned pretty shawl!!! Keep it! Seriously--how could yo u let that one go?