Monday, December 3rd

I think I have a sinus infection. My head hurts, but my nose isn't really running. Plus I'm crabby/whiney. Poor Grilltech, he has to deal with me.

I only have the thumb to finish on the second mitt. This was after I frogged the whole thing, because I didn't have enough stitches. I had 60, instead of 64. On the plus side, it was a quick knit. I've finished the gusset on my second sock. I've got patterns running in my head for the next one to knit. Nothing has been decided on yet.

I've been thinking about getting permanent eye make-up. Not really sure why, I haven't worn make-up in something like 20 years or so. One of the knitterly women has it and its kewl. Which is where the thought came up. Most likely won't do it, but the thought it there.

PS: Happy B-day Mr. Sota (the crack dealer...)


Mr. Shife said...

Sorry you don't feel well. It has been going around my office so I have been freebasing Airborne to stay well. I don't know how I feel about the permanent makeup. I guess it is like a tattoo but just on your face and smaller. I should quit typing now.

Amy Lane said...

I do hope you feel better...I have a friend who singed off an eyebrow--permanently--and got her eyebrows tattooed on. She got eye-liner thrown in for good measure and loves it! She NEVER wore make-up before that:-)