Tuesday, December 11th

I am beat. Been fending off the crud that's been going around, but I'm slowing. The sinus headaches have begun to decline, but they're still lurking around. I could use more sleep. Thankfully tonight I can get to bed early. I've started the heel for Grilltech's new sock. It's going to be slightly different then the usual slip stitch. I'll show a picture when it gets finished. I've almost finished the (damn) shawl. I've been trying it on when I finish knitting for the night.

I've been sitting at a gray screen for the past hour. Soon as I get off the weekly conference call, I'll need to call IT and figure out why it's not working. Stupid database.

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Amy Lane said...

YOu're such a nice person. I would have used so many bad words for a gray screen!