Catch Up

An inversion has moved into the valley. We've been five days of grey skies. No sun, no moon, just unrelenting grey. It's no wonder why I get depressed this time of year.

I have been knitting. In fact I've got my choice of four five projects to choose from. Two blankets: one sock yarn and one cotton. Grilltech's second sock. A sock yarn Ice Queen cowl for Perky. Or my own shawl Morticia. I haven't touched Morticia in over a year, so I should do something with it soon. It seems for whatever reason, I have a hard time completing stuff for me.

We are the plague house. Grilltech has a cold. Kommadant has kidney stones that he's going to have removed on Friday. Plus he has an infected bug bite that he's reacting to the medication. He's not having a fun time. On Friday, I'm going in to have a crown replaced, because I've got cash on the medical cards that we've got to use or lose.

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