List Day!

  • There were no cars at the bar this morning

  • Today is Thursday at work

  • Most depressing part?

  • I was really looking forward to watching yummy, yummy hot guys tonight

  • Until I realized it was only Wednesday

  • I've got to take some pictures

  • And give a BIG shout out to Donna Lee

  • Contest

  • Stupid, stupid pattern!

  • I'm typing up the pattern for the little lace cardi because it forces me to read it first and it's MISSING A ROW OF DECREASES


  • At this point, I'm almost ready to say fuck-it

  • It only comes in a extra-small to medium and I'm going to have to do math anyway

  • Roxie, you're killing me at work

  • I did laugh hysterically then asked Grilltech to come up with a list

  • I need to bring a comb to work, running my hands through my hair only makes it static-y

  • I've always wondered what the Start Process button does, it takes you to the log in screen

  • Very handy for someone who just signed in

  • I think it's time for chocolate

  • Oh yea, I'm trying to eat better

  • Since Monday reports from one server haven't been working correctly, and we couldn't figure out why

  • Today it hits me: duhhhh, the server thinks daylight savings has happened

  • Troll has spent the rest of the day running updates on the server in question
  • Told him yesterday, I was going to hex him if he didn't behave

  • He didn't believe me then...

  • Went and knitted with Red after work

  • It was a lot of fun
  • Now I'm starving and nuking the salamon for dinner

  • Thank God for the food saver, it's more than paid for itself

  • Grilltech likes the idea of another vest

  • First I have to get my sweater done

  • Maybe I can knit him a pair of socks to distract him

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

Roxie's killing you? Uhm... Shakespeare? It could be a conspiracy... (Grilltech's vest rocked! Put the one I'm making for Mate to shame...)