2/5th of the Week

What has two thumbs and is a dumbass? That's right! ME!

Case 1
I was note taker during the meeting today, and as usual I worked on my knitting - Grilltech's vest to be exact - I put it down, picked it up later started the new row. Finished one side, moved to the next and the cables aren't matching. WTF. It's now in time out, because I don't want to deal with it right at this moment.

Case 2
I'm cleaning up MP3's, which will make Grilltech extremely happy. The music folder in question is from more than a year ago, when newsgroups had MP3 folders. So some of this isn't easily found. Rename them all, move a bunch into Perky's folder, then proceeded to delete the directory instead of the list of songs.

Case 3
Turned on autofill on the iPhone, it upped my song list from 838 to 1100. Awesome! Or so I thought, it moved a bunch of Christmas music over. I went and deleted all the songs off my phone and now in the process of reloading. Okay, that wasn't really a dumbass thing, but more of a learning exprience.


Roxie said...

Gee, sounds like a good day for me technically speaking. You know what happened, and know how to fix it. I get random catastrophes occuring in perfect mystery.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah... sort of blech, but not really dumbass... (as the queen of dumbass, I should know!)