List Day!

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • A black and white kitty crossed five lanes of traffic in front of me
  • The fact I was the only car on the road is irrelevant
  • Grilltech's vest should be done by this weekend
  • Except, I don't have buttons for it
  • A new addiction to take more time away from knitting
  • I think I'm going to go exchange the 24 inch size 0's for a 32 inch, the 24's are too small
  • It appears to be the day of failed reports
  • Which makes my job much more difficult
  • Day is half over!
  • I'm having to ask Grilltech how to do percentage questions
  • Then I double check my answers by looking it up on the internet
  • Yes, it is a kids site, but it works - and NO BIG WORDS
  • I've got 30 minutes left in my day and I'm out of water been that way for about 20 minutes now
  • I still reach over and grab my cup to take a drink
  • Damn, I've got to run another eight reports
  • And I'm still out of water
  • I want to get Grilltech biohazard buttons for his vest, but I can't find any
  • I suppose I could pay through the nose and have them made
  • Then that vest would really be EXPENSIVE
  • My weekend is started, have fun everyone


Roxie said...

Maybe you could make the biohazard buttons out of Fimo.

Amy Lane said...

Nice wooden toggled would be very dignified! But congrats... now Grilltech can't complain that it's in time out! It's in FO!