List Day - Double Shot!

  • Too lazy to do a real post today

  • I suppose I could do pictures, instead... oh yea, lazy

  • Unlike the Yarn Harlot the heat was turned on last night

  • When walking back to the bedroom and I could feel the temperature drop five degrees it was time

  • Even the cats in the mornings weren't leaving the bed to supervise me getting ready

  • Granted this morning, they stayed on the bed where it was warm until the last minute

  • I'm still pretty cold here at work also

  • As of 0800, I'll have my 40

  • Too bad we're doing OT

  • Finished the second heel

  • Don't trust anyone

  • Right?

  • FR (fisherman's rib)

  • Mom, I don't like these needles Perky said while throwing down her knitting to pull a set of addi's out of her hair to use

  • At that point in time she had two sets in her hair

  • Don't ask me, I'm just her mother

  • The Convert is now binding off her dishcloth

  • Hmmm the Convert's has a V in the middle which looks very spiffy

  • I'm now warm enough to take off the jacket

  • I was hoping to get out of here early to watch the boys, but I didn't make it

  • My own fault really, I could have left this stuff until Monday

  • OMG


Roxie said...

I love the vision of Perky with multiple sets of needles in her hair!

Thanks for the trailer. No WAY am I going to see Pandorum. EEEeeeeww!

Yeah, I think fall has arrived. We turned on our heat as well.

Amy Lane said...

*lol* Perky w/the needles in her hair! Too funny! And yeah--it was below 40 degrees this morning. We can turn our heat on too.