List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar
  • Maybe some people gave up drinking for the New Year
  • Antibiotics are the best!
  • I didn't knit at all yesterday
  • Today I'm knitting
  • I tried to lock my ID card
  • Not a good idea, it's a pain in the ass to get it unlocked and involves a drive across town
  • It appears the morning data dump is stalled
  • Think I'll go get a glass of water; cranberry juice does gets old after a while
  • From now on my standard answer will be please get with your supervisor regarding (insert issue here)
  • It will save me a lot of headaches
  • Didn't make it to the gym yesterday
  • Did make it to bed at 1730
  • Was up for 10 minutes at 2030
  • Still managed to over sleep the alarm
  • Killed the data bump dump and started it again from where I think was stalled at
  • I'm now working on the other network computer
  • Thanks for the well wishes on the illness - UTI's are the WORST - it was caught early
  • Oh joy, I need to make another trip to the bathroom
  • I know, TMI
  • Had to fix my right shoe, it was annoying me
  • Not sure I'll make it to the gym today, it's knit day
  • I have an urge to cast on for something, but don't know what is calling me to knit
  • I have eight more sets of decreases to do and the gusset will be completed
  • Working on chart 1 of the cursed peacock shawl
  • I should be able to do it in my sleep by now
  • Bad news: I've gained 40 pounds - I knew I was out of control
  • Good news: I'm still down 20 pounds!
  • Back to the gym tomorrow
  • I need to remember to start checking on the newest baby of the household in the mornings
  • Uploads is such a system resource hog, it slows everything else down
  • And Havac is very jealous when I hold Agamemnon
  • Did I mention I'm having a hard time keeping my head from hitting the desk?
  • Damn, can't use talk to your supervisor when it's a supervisor at my desk
  • I've got an urge to go eat chocolate
  • So far I've managed to resist the siren's call
  • The moon and stars were out this morning, a welcome sight
  • Same supervisor said I was too chipper
  • Double edged sword: chocolate zingers in the vending machine at my desk
  • It's possible the sun will make an appearance
  • Interesting look with those hot pink boots, I'm guessing you know Roxie
  • Grilltech is talking about making more mead
  • Not that I'm complaining mind you...
  • Damn, I can't tell the Gnome talk to your supervisor either he is after all, my supervisor
  • BBQer is now a bit testy - skilling issues from a problem supervisor
  • I think I could live with this New Year's Resolution
  • However, by the end of the year it would be Again?! Do we hafta?
  • Two more hours to go, do I hafta?
  • I'm out of water, time for another trip
  • Convert has started another blanket
  • She's out of control or just hasn't realized blankets are dull, dull, dull
  • So says the woman with a sock blanket on the needles
  • Found OT has been logged in the wrong weeks - GAH
  • 30 more minutes before the end of my day
  • Nothing like righteous anger to make time fly
  • I haven't found a pattern I like yet, so I'll need to go through my books so I can design something
  • Haven't quite decided if I'm going to go knit or not
  • May go home and take the puppy for a walk, he's sooooo neglected


Roxie said...

Thank God for modern medicine!

A ferret? Oooookay. You know the difference between a ferret and a guinea pig? More dark meat on a ferret.

emicat said...

glad you're doing better. You know what's helping me drink more water? Those packets of True Lemon - tastes just like a slice of lemon in your water - yum!

Amy Lane said...

So sorry about the UTI-- I hates em, precious... hates em! (And there is no such thing as TMI w/a UTI--everything from "I gotta pee" to "Holy crap it's orange!" is fair game!)

I'm on the dying embers of a hat jag... unfortunately all of my students want one now!