Random Conversations

Conversation with Cashier:
Market bags go onto the conveyor belt followed by items to be purchased. The cashier picks up both bags these are pretty, I didn't know we started carrying these. Where did you get them? All the while looking for a tag to scan. I made them. She's clearly confused. You made them? Are you trying to sell them because I don't... What do you want me to do with? I'd like you bag my groceries in them. Understanding begins to dawn, Oh. OH!! These are great, way better than the ones we sell.

Conversation with a Flunky:
I'm in the middle of trying to calibrate last week's forecast to see how far off we were from the actual. While I do knit a lot I'm actually busy waiting for calculations to finish. You're WFM? Yes, what's up? I've got a question about a schedule accommodation, because I'm going to be going to school next week and I can't work this 0400 shift anymore. The short answer is.. He finishes for me go talk to my supervisor I smile at him and pick up my knitting all ready dismissing him from my mind But, chances are it's gone through, but not effective until next week He's a bit sheepish Yea, I don't really need it to start until next week. But I'll go talk to X about it X or Y would know. He walks away a bit disappointed I wouldn't help him more.

Conversation with Convert:
Does your family have any good rabbit recipes. She gives me the OMG. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. look I only eat chicken, pork, or beef. My Auntie says I'll be dead if I'm ever lost in the jungle. My fault, we've already had that conversation. She'll only eat meat that comes from the store wrapped in cellophane.


Donna Lee said...

I'm kind of sympathetic with the convert there. If we were pioneers, my family would be vegetarians.

Roxie said...

How about a photo of those bags? Patterns?

Sandra said...

I've had a similar conversation with a cashier, as I have bags from many places, not just their store. "Do you want me to use these bags, or do you want to buy ours?"
Why would I want to buy more bags when I have these????

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- the one w/Convert sounds like one I've had with my students. And my mom knows how to make bomachsky-- you want me to ask her?

emicat said...

Great story about the bags and the cashier. LOL but yikes that it took her as long as it did for it to click!