List Day!

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • The databases were quite flaky this morning
  • I can feel the crazy frustration building in me
  • On the happier note, I'm so out of here early today and tomorrow
  • The thought of staying late today is so very tempting, but alas, I've got crap to do
  • I don't think I've unleashed the crazy frustration on anyone, but I might be wrong there
  • BBQer, seriously, when I say I wouldn't do that there may be an underlying reason for it - Ohhh I don't know maybe the upload is broken on the database site
  • It appears overtime has been announced for next week – Bevis (or maybe it was Butthead) was pissing and moaning about it on the other side of the cube.
  • Ready to start the heel on the second sock for Dad
  • Still haven't started the toe
  • When I was getting water for Aggie, I could see something hanging off the side of the house
  • WTF? I went to another window to get a better look and could see the black/white speckled underbelly of a bird of prey
  • I'm thinking it was Peregrine Falcon, the coloring was right and a bunch (flock?) of them are in this area of town
  • So, I let Fran and Havoc out… they can take their chances
  • I'm thinking about starting Twisted (Ravelry) – can't find a non Ravelry link
  • I'm also not watching to start anything major before the knitting Olympics
  • So it's a tossup of what I'll be knitting Twisted or Mother's Moment
  • Mind you, I won't be putting tassels on mine
  • Havoc is barking a squirrels, so I don't think the falcon got him
  • I think I'll pretend to knit the sleeves a swatch for Twisted, and that will make me feel better
  • While I was acting crazy at work, Grilltech would sing me Happy Kitty
  • He's such a wonderful husband
  • Interesting
  • Amy, one word: PUDDING!!!


Donna Lee said...

We have falcons (red tailed) in our neighborhood. I worry for my one cat whose thin but the other one is way too heavy for a bird smaller than a pteradactyl.

I keep forgetting about the Olympics.....

Louiz said...

There is much crazy about at the moment.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Amy Lane said...

And my reply to you is that sometimes crazy works!