List Day!

  • There were 12 cars this morning
  • Guess their resolutions didn't last long
  • Patchy morning fog also made for an entertaining drive
  • I also drove past a kitty meeting of the minds
  • It must have been enough of a distraction for one cat to break away
  • Had a dentist appointment yesterday, turns out I had a chipped filling
  • There are both zingers and blackberry pies in the vending machine
  • Christo!
  • So far, I've managed to purchase nether
  • I've also only been here 40 minutes
  • It's a two soda morning
  • Why was I looking at the vending machines? I was heating up breakfast
  • Convert is running late - more than an hour late
  • Convert was telling me she was dreaming about her being in a LYS looking for the perfect yarn
  • Hey are you aware the site is down? Yes, thank you
  • No raging, no swearing, just a simple yes, thank you works
  • I need to write a Dear John letter
  • I'm thinking about starting Bitterroot
  • I'm also thinking about putting the resume together and applying for the admin job that opened
  • Wonder if that would easy my restlessness
  • Maybe I'll force Grilltech to take me on a road trip
  • Someone cooked something which smells like catfood
  • Yes, Amy please ask
  • We've decided to go with rotisserie grilling at this point, but it may change
  • End up with the zinger, the blackberry pie was gone
  • Maybe I should have said Christo twice
  • Grilltech told me about Craft hacking Huh? Do you follow the pattern religiously? No You're thinking out side the box, that makes you a hacker


Lovs2Knit said...

I think new years resolutions aren't meant to be broken. I don't think I've every kept a single one I've made.

Amy Lane said...

I'm asking I'm asking... did you read it did you read it? Did you like it?