List Day!

  • Counted eight cars at the bar this morning
  • Yummy, yummy hot guys are back tonight!
  • Made Perky crabby at me this weekend
  • Annoyed the Troll by telling him stories about an update one of the managers wanted
  • Turns out the Troll did his job, I did mine, they dropped the ball
  • I always like those kinds of happy endings
  • Roxie, those are magnolia buds
  • I'm watching Aggie run around the house
  • Havoc is currently chained up outside, because he's escaping the yard
  • I'm very happy tomorrow is Friday
  • The kitchen floor needs to be swept and moped mopped - inside joke, it's Perky's story to tell
  • Monday is Dad's birthday
  • I have half a sock done, should have the first one completed before then and the second one started
  • My shawl pin showed up today! (The Filigree Stick Pin)
  • In fact, I'm wearing now with the scarf the Eldest made me
  • Havoc is now tormenting Aggie


Megan said...

Ooh, that shawl pin is so pretty!

Amy Lane said...

Okay, Mother of Havoc-- I just met a woman with two cats named Chaos and Mayhem. We figured when she gets more cats, she'll call them Anarchy and Bedlam.

(Yummy yummy hotguys were SO worth it! And tonight looks even better!)