EWWW Moments

Was in the ladies room and noticed what I thought to be a tube of toothpaste. Turns out it was an anti-fungal cream.

Remember the conversation about Peaches? A friend thought the worst when she saw this picture on Grilltech's blog. Grilltech you almost got an angry phone call!

We both laughed hysterically.

Scenario: Both Convert and current Flunky called in sick leaving me to a) do my job and b) theirs. At 0600, I sent out an e-mail to T1 (Thing 1) and T2 (Thing 2) telling them first one to my desk gets to work on my team.

Later, their supervisor comes to my desk you can't pull T2, because she's on the specialty team. Sorry, T1 & T2 are both backup for this team. Fine, I'll go talk to the Gnome. Good choice.


Roxie said...

Ewwwww indeed! The photo makes my skin creep.

Galad said...

I'm with Roxie!

Donna Lee said...

What a photo. I was at our local Chinese restaurant and the food channel on the television (and what's with televisions in restaurants anyway?) showed guinea pigs on a stick. Talk about an ewww minute.

Amy Lane said...

Ulg. I'm lucky. My colleagues and I all get along. Of course, that was before I blew off a meeting yesterday!