2/5th of the Week

I can see the down side of not going to the gym, when I go back I hurt really hurt all over. Last night, it was all I could do to stay up until 1900. At least, I think I was up that late. Today's carry over is my upper back is stiff and sore. The worst part? I only walked for an hour on the treadmill. It was enough to make me sweaty and my heart race (131 at the highest). Plus side? Today is swim day.

I frogged the peacock shawl again and restarted. Third time is the charm. Right? It can't really be that hard.

Convert made a baby hat. But she's not going to start another project until she has her own needles to make it. She borrowed my circ's to make the baby hat.

Today I noticed a glaring error on my ice queen I held it out to Convert and asked can you see it? She couldn't until I pointed it out. She realized mistakes aren't always noticed by others or even the knitter at times.

Today I joined the meeting as Blossom.


Donna Lee said...

There is a gym opening up that's on my way home. I am determined to join and make myself healthier. I used to go and it used to hurt a lot. I am NOT looking forward to it but I want to live longer so I'll go. But I won't like it.

emicat said...

I can't do the gym thing, so I'm starting w/ the walking in the neighborhood this year. I also want to get back into yoga, as it really helped put me in a good mood and take away some of that stress.

I hate when I find a mistake after I've finished something, but hey, I convince myself that's what makes it unique and handmade :)

Amy Lane said...

I need to start yoga... I'm getting old enough that just walking around the block makes my body hurt. Okay-- when convert gets her circs, make sure they're bamboo... I just saved myself a WHOLE lot of headache w/my own convert when I sharpied one of the needles so she'd stop switching the needles...